Palms Of Palms

Leroy started his career as singer and guitarist and plunged feet first into the murky waters of London’s underground live music scene with a three-piece live band called Electric Spoon, referencing the energy and madness of George Clinton and Funkadelic. They soon morphed into an altogether more acoustic sound and album and released a 7” vinyl called ‘You’ on London label Marquis Cha Cha in 2008.  The melancholic lament of heartbreak got enough attention to get radio play to this day on UKs XFM Radio by DJ John Kennedy and London’s BBC6 Music’s Lauren Laverne.

Fast forward to 2013 and Leroy, haunted by his now cathartic experiences, heads off in a tangential direction, an amalgam of unique resonant vocal timbres and electronic beats rendered skillfully into orchestral arrangements with a sly but artful production wink to the magnificent Moondog, Basil Poledouris and Jerry Goldsmith.

MINDS HOUSE  -  Release Date September 8th 2013. UK. iTunes.


‘Minds House is about the progressive weight of expectation in life. The break down of a relationship, no money, no prospects and finding my ‘ragged edge’ - the loss of perspective and rationality when my mind was consumed by negativity. This was a period where I was willing the grim reaper to come and get me’ - Leroy Palmer.

Review: theguardian