Hannes Rasmus

Debut release on NOTOWN Records 

Download ‘Wir sind hier nicht in Detroit, Dirk’ free via notownrecordings.com

Full 12” EP ‘Analog ist besser’ released in May 2013

Hamburg-based producer and analogue musician, Hannes Rasmus, is to release his debut EP, Analogue Ist Besser via NOTOWN Recordings this May. A lead track, ‘Wir sind hier nich in Detroit, Dirk’, is available to stream or download free via soundcloud.com/notown-recordings

The track sets the rules and remit of Hanne’ music - to create solely analogue music, which lends a deep warmth and personality to proceedings. Combined with the German’s keen ear for a teasing melody, his work immediately stands out. The track, ‘Wir sind hier nicht in Detroit, Dirk’ translates to English as ‘we’re not here in Detroit, Dirk’, a playful nudge towards his music’s roots and inspiration.

Speaking regarding Hannes and this release, NOTOWN founder Gold Panda said: “I met Hannes at a show in Hamburg, and we had a couple of beers he recommended some synths I should look into. We began to exchange emails and he gave me a link to his music. As I was listening I knew that it was something that should be heard on vinyl, so it seemed obvious to ask him to put something together for NOTOWN.

“It has taken a while for this release to come to fruition but it’s definitely been worth it. Hannes is hugely talented. For me, his music has this lovely warmth, and there is something quite Hamburg in his sound too I think, which really appealed to me. Also, given how much time I’ve now spent in Germany, it’s nice to have an actual German artist on the label.”