GOOSE has continued to make big waves – six years after the release of its much- hyped debut album Bring It On on Skint Records. Their second album Synrise (!K7) not only saw the band working with Peaches (on the highly addictive title track), they also enlisted legendary Pink Floyd designer Storm Thorgerson to create the artwork.

Today, more confident than ever, GOOSE is set to release its third studio album called “CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL”. Working with producer Paul Stacey (who also produced Noel Gallagher and The Black Crowes) and Dave Sardy resulted in an album with an exciting live sound. “We had come to realize that our live shows had become the backbone of GOOSE – proof of how we had continued to grow as a band. So we wanted to record an album that was a testament to that live sound – one that wouldn’t rely heavily on software and machinery.”

Whereas on the first two albums parts and instruments were recorded seperatly and everything was put together afterwards using modern day editing software (plus large amounts of added effects, twisted sounds and constructed loops), this time the band left their digital comfort zone.

All band members played together in one big room at La Chapelle studios, performing and recording live and limiting the amount of takes and overdubs. A very collective affair, stamping the GOOSE live energy on the new album.

“This time, we had the songs, we rehearsed them extensively and then used the studio to record them. All four of us together. We never did that in the past, but it felt really good. For us, as a band, this is a major step forward.”

The album title “CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL” refers to the single Control, but there’s much more to it: “More than ever, we want to control what is happening with our music, what decisions are being made, how things are managed and what priorities are to be set. That’s why we created our own platform Safari Records, to have control.”

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